The Life Blood of Your Lawn

Every blade of grass in your yard is on the hunt for water, and how they receive that water is very important to how lush your lawn will grow. Factors like, the time of day, the duration of the wattering, and weather conditions play key rolls in making your yard full of life. Klairvoyant Lawns can professionaly design, install, and setup the perfect automated watering system that is idealy suited for your specific yard.

Already have a sprinkler system?

Klairvoyant Lawns is able to repair most sprinkler systems. Everything from timers, to valves, to sprinkler heads and pipes, Klairvoyant Lawns can keep the water flowing so your yard can stay beautiful all season long. Klairvoyant Lawn Care can:

Adjust sprinkler spray angle(s)
Fix broken sprinkler heads
Fix underground lines
Adjust sprinkler timer(s)
Fix vlaves and solinodes

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Head to Head Coverage

Sprinkler Replacement

Valve Repair

Klairvoyant Lawn Care LLC

With over 10 years of experience in professional lawn care, Klairvoyant Lawn Care LLC is equipped with the knowledge and experience to meet your needs.  Not  sure if we can help you? Call us at (208) 697-1856 for a FREE estimate.